Who We Are

The Lamb of God and Dove of Peace.

The Lamb of God and Dove of Peace.

Peace Church is a new church plant in the area of Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to plant a Christ-centered community open to everyone and work towards a more peaceful and just society. Our name, “peace church,” is a working title to reflect the peacemaking, open, and affirming traditions of the church that inspire us. We believe God calls us to be followers of Jesus, and as brothers and sisters in Christ, to live in community and prayerfully study the Scriptures.

Peace Church started as an idea among brothers and sisters from a Christian youth group, with the help of friends in the Mennonite community. While there are several churches in the Elizabeth area, there are no churches committed to peacemaking, openness, and kingdom-building. Many leave the church because they feel that it is hypocritical, judgmental, and political. Realizing the need for a new church, Peace Church was born.

We are in our planning stages as a community. We are working to organize Christian worship, fellowship, and Bible study in a house church context. Our mission is simple: to love God, love our neighbor, and love our enemies (Matt 5:44, 7:12, and others). We are currently non-denominational, but our faith and practice is deeply shaped by the Anabaptist vision, which means we embrace:

  • discipleship in following Jesus’ life, teachings, and example;
  • believer’s baptism in which one becomes a Christian as an informed individual;
  • nonresistance and nonviolence as a means to peace, justice, and reconciliation;
  • church as a community of goods, brotherly love, and mutual aid;
  • care for the least of our brothers and sisters—the poor, hungry, sick, strangers, and prisoners;
  • Christian separation from the world and separation of church and state;
  • the Bible, especially the New Testament, as the foundation of our faith and practice.

Peace Church was originally conceived as a mission to plant an inclusive, open, and affirming church. We value brotherly love, and seek to form a community in which diversity is respected and dialogue is open.

If you would like to get involved in Peace Church, become one of our core members as we go through the process of church planting, or if you are simply interested in more information, contact us here, or you can contact Kevin Daugherty, the church planter behind Peace Church.

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